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12 Surprising Facts: How Online Reviews Attract Customers

The unknown can be intimidating. You come across a business, you think it’s interesting, but you’re not 100% sure how it can help you so you move on.
Maybe you do run a great business with loyal customers who love you. Maybe they’re constantly suggesting new features, spreading positive word of mouth and purchasing more and more of your product.
These customers should be able to communicate how awesome your business is – otherwise other, potential customers are going to wonder what could be wrong with you (even if there’s nothing wrong at all!)
"These days, the positive ripple effect of reviews can’t be ignored. Reviews are more than an attention grabber – readers can understand what it’s like to use your product in just a few sentences."

Yet as business owners and marketers, we want all or nothing. We want to see glowing, 5-star reviews, especially on third-party sites. Yet those honest 3 and 4 star reviews are what gets read and what is being listened to and taken seriously.

Influencer Marketing: Sure, It’s Effective, But At What Price?

“So I got the opportunity to check out the demo of this game ...” said Felix Kjellberg, a.k.a. YouTube star PewDiePie, in a 2014 video.
But it turned out that Kjellberg, who has about 48 million YouTube subscribers, was being a bit disingenuous. Actually, Warner Bros. was paying him and others tens of thousands of dollars to talk up “Shadow of Mordor,” a then-new video game.
Two years later, the Federal Trade Commission cracked down on Warner Bros., and Kjellberg offered his defense. His YouTube page had disclosed that the video was “sponsored by Warner Bros.” Kjellberg pointed out that he wasn’t required to disclose the payment but opted to do it anyway. “Yes, I could have disclosed it better,” he said. “I could have put it above the fold ...”
As scandals go, this was a small affair. Yet as more and more brands opt for influencer marketing and the Federal Trade Commission has begun monitoring the practice, such gaffes have become more common.
That’s, perhaps, a reflection of influencer m…