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Uklipz - The Marketplace For Trusted Consumer Reviews

In a world of “fake news and reviews" Uklipz will be a shining beacon. Uklipz was founded on the principal that the most valuable asset of a business is their customer reviews. 

Uklipz is the app that lets consumers share what they truly appreciate about their favorite products, brands and services through video – and get paid for doing it. 

For content creators, Uklipz is a way to share opinions, unleash creativity, and earn a little money. For brands, Uklipz is authenticated crowd sourced customer reviews that can be deployed through social media channels to help drive purchase decisions and brand engagement. For everyone, Uklipz is the source for truthful, spirited reviews that people can trust. 

Join Uklipz  -- The free app is now available at iTunes and the Android playstore;

Real People | Trusted Reviews
The Marketplace For Trusted Consumer Reviews


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Growth Hacking with Customer Reviews

Consumer reviews help small businesses grow their business and revenue. Reviews increase consumer confidence, lead to improved search performance, expedite product development, and significantly influence purchasing decisions on and offline.

Consumer reviews help small businesses grow their business and revenue. Reviews not only increase consumer confidence, but they also lead directly to improved search performance, superior product and service feedback loops, and they have a significant influence on customer purchase decisions on and offline. Here's how to hack massive growth for your business using customer reviews.
Grab more sales and traffic from searchOrganic search
Your customer review rating is not only included in organic search results, but it factors into your organic search result ranking. Businesses with high review ratings get more clicks from the search results page, and the more numerous and trustworthy your review ratings, the higher you'll rank in organic search…