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5 Marketing Buzzwords You Need To Know

There are plenty of trendy buzzwords out there about marketing approaches. Some companies have put those words into action and discovered their true value.

New channels, technology, and marketing trends are springing up left and right. While 95 percent of marketers know that multichannel targeting is crucial to their campaigns, fewer than half have the technology to capitalize on new methods that could help their campaigns stand out against the competition.

There are lots of trendy buzzwords about different marketing approaches being tossed around, and it's easy to get bogged down by trends without understanding the substance behind them. But that doesn't mean there aren't real, positive results that can be gained from taking on these new approaches.

Here are five marketing buzzwords you need to know, along with companies that can help you take advantage of the real worth behind them:


Most customers no longer watch an episode when it first airs …

90% Of Shoppers’ Purchasing Decisions are Influenced by User-Generated Content

As many as 90% of shoppers report that user-generated content (UGC) influences their purchase decisions, according to a survey from TurnTo and Ipsos. The impact of UGC outranks all other forms of marketing, including: Search engines (87%);Promotional emails (79%);Display ads (76%); andSocial (63%).With UGC having such a powerful effect on shopper influence, retailers must understand exactly how to leverage this content to maximize its effectiveness. Jim Davidson, Director of Research at TurnTo Networks, noted that online merchants should expand their use of UGC beyond product pages. “When people think of ratings, reviews, Q&As and product photos, they’ll typically think of where all that fits in on the product page,” Davidson said in an interview with Retail TouchPoints. “Retailers really need to expand that view. They can take a slow stroll down that purchase path and really look at each moment in the consumer experience and figure out how UGC can fit into that. If you have a first…

3 in 5 shoppers say they find online reviews as trustworthy as a friend’s review

3 in 5 shoppers say they find online reviews as trustworthy as a friend’s review

Consumers are more likely to trust online reviews of your business or store if the reviews have some substance. Glowing and superficial emoji and exclamation points won’t win over the person who just happens upon your site or business. 74 percent of online customers say positive reviews make them trust a local business more.

ReportLinker identified what respondents want to see in a good online review:
62 percent say they evaluate the content of a review. But respondents also believe a mix of good and bad reviews builds credibility.58 percent say the number of reviews is important. 32 percent say that 30 or more online reviews builds credibility.As much as consumers trust their friends, they really don’t seem to need to know much about online reviewers when gauging trustworthiness, however. Just 26 percent of respondents said overall credibility of the author of an online review is important to them.

The data …

How User Generated Content Will Grow Your Brand

Most brands spend a lot of time and effort trying to convince first-time customers to trust them — trust that their products are as high quality as the brand claims they are, trust that the company will be willing to resolve any issues the customer may encounter, trust that prices are fair, and trust that work or products will be delivered on time and to specification. As brand marketers, we all know that the challenge of gaining a consumer’s trust is a major undertaking. But because users won’t become customers unless they trust in our brand, we also know that building trust is a challenge worth meeting. Much of the value of user-generated content (UGC) derives from its unique ability to build consumer trust in a brand. UGC is content that is created by users (fans, customers, or influencers) that is either tacitly or overtly promotional of a brand. It’s often either commissioned or repurposed by the brand for marketing use. Across all generations, user-generated content is more trus…

The power of a positive social review

IF you own or manage a business you will appreciate the power of a positive social review.
The world in which we now operate is still ‘word of mouth' marketing – today customer reviews are visible and amplified by the fact that most consumers have their own online channels to broadcast on.

"Many business owners, managers and employees have a love and hate relationship with reviews and reviewers. "However, only three per cent of consumers don't consider reviews when making a purchase decision with a local business, and four out of five consumers reverse their purchase decision based on negative reviews. 
Accepted wisdom is that a 4.8 star review leads to credibility and sales but 5 star reviews aren't generally believed to be true.
"Even if the business does not have a review page, customers will and can take matters into their own hands. Individuals can ‘check in' to your business on Facebook and if you are not to be found they can simply ‘Add' you to th…

The Secret To Producing Killer User-generated Content For Sports Brands

User-generated Content For Sports Brands
What is UGC, and what are the benefits of producing it from a sports marketing perspective?
Panel speaker and ShareRoot boss Noah Abelson gave the lowdown on user-generated content (UGC) in the sports marketing arena.
UGC is the term used to refer to user-generated photos, videos, tweets, or other creative material, often shared socially, and used by brands for marketing or advertising purposes. Sporting examples might be a home video of a young soccer player juggling a ball, or someone posting a picture of herself wearing a particular item of athletic clothing. So much of sports marketing involves putting the audience into the shoes of an athlete. Whether it’s extreme sports, high school basketball or a morning jog group, athletes want to be like the professionals. When users have the chance to contribute to a brand, like their favourite athlete might, it invites them into the community to share their story. What’s the secret to producing killer use…