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Try This, When you have a big event, meeting, or presentation on the horizon, you’re filled with anticipation – and nerves.

EFT - How & Where To Tap Your Meridian Points To Reduce Nervousness & Anxietyby Chemory Gunko When you have a big event, meeting, or presentation on the horizon, you’re filled with anticipation – and nerves.What coaching and energy healing tools can you use to make sure you are totally prepared and perform at your optimum on the day? Tapping Your K27 Points Take your index finger and thumb and place it on the inside of your collarbone, where the bony protrusion is located. Now move your hand about an inch down and feel around slightly in that area: your finger and thumb tips should each find a sore spot. That’s the K27 point of your kidney meridian. This is a very useful meridian tapping point that basically allows you to put anything into your system. The other thing I like about it is that it’s easy to put your fingers on that spot in public and lightly massage when you need help and can’t get somewhere for privacy. Either lightly rub or tap or on the area while just repeating…

The one mistake every company makes

In business partners we (must) trustCOMMENTARY by Sheeroy Desai
Deciding who to partner with — either as an individual executive or as a business — is a choice that comes with a lot at stake. To be absolutely certain they’re doing the right thing for the business, leaders should pick people they’re confident they can rely on and trust to do the right things for the good of the company. In business, as in life, the best partners are honest, reliable, and contribute something we otherwise wouldn’t have.
Leaders today sometimes build their companies using the same strategy you might apply to solving a jigsaw puzzle: Grab the first piece that looks right, shove it in, and then see if it fits. If it doesn’t work, you just try again. But deciding which partners to involve in your business can have a huge impact on its overall success and the cost of a bad partnership can be astronomical.
That’s why anyone looking for a new business partner must prioritize two traits above any others: trust and…