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VoiceTech: talk to me | TechTalk Thursday

AI Voice technology is transforming our world 
Life imitates art Science fiction has an uncanny ability to predict the future. Three decades ago, David Hasselhoff—playing Michael Knight on the TV show Knight Rider, fought crime with his trusty sidekick, KITT, an artificially intelligent, self-aware and nearly indestructible car. KITT, voiced by the actor William Daniels, would take verbal commands from Knight, and execute on them—whether that was using deflective laser shields against an enemy, or accelerating the car to get out of a bad situation just in the nick of time.
We don’t yet have crime-fighting voice-controlled cars, but we are at a turning point, intelligent, AI voice-powered software, apps and digital devices that can learn and adapt to your needs are transforming how we engage and live in the digital world.
How did we get here? When you think about the technological advances just in the last 20 to 30 years, it's mind-boggling. The Internet. Music in your pocket. Mobile …
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Valentine’s Day | LoveTech

Gifts | For gadget lovers Some of the coolest gadgets to treat your tech-loving better half to some amazing new gear. Shower Speaker, water resistant Bluetooth - $50.Virtual assistant:  The New Amazon Echo – $130. The New Fitbit Fitness Tracker –  $150.Personal Safety Smart Tag and Alarm Give them and you peace of mind wherever your loved one goes with this wearable personal safety device and alarm. $160.Beats by Dr. Dre Solo3 On-Ear Sound Isolating Bluetooth Headphones - Rose Gold – $250.
 LdrTech | Long-Distance Relationships It's amazing that we can constantly message each other on smart phones, or sit on video calls, but why shouldn't we be able to feel connected to our loved ones? You and your partner may not physically be together, with these gadgets and toys and an active imagination, anywhere around the globe you control through smartphone app’s and Bluetooth. 
Lovebox Spinning Heart Messenger $ 123. - Send heartfelt messages to loved ones—anytim…

3 Things You Need to Solve a Really Tough Problem

Innovation is never about individual nodes. It's always about networks.
By the early 20th century, the world's great mathematicians knew they had a big problem. The very foundations of logic, held sacred since the time of Aristotle, were under siege after the discovery of troubling paradoxes by CantorFrege and Russell. It was unclear whether things could ever be set aright.
It was against this backdrop that David Hilbert, the most prominent mathematician of the age, created a program to get things back on track. Unfortunately, just the opposite happened. First came Kurt Gödel's famous incompleteness theorems and then the work of Alan Turing. Logic, as everyone knew it, was dead.
Nevertheless, out of the ashes of Aristotle's logic arose the foundations of modern computing. As it turns out, solving a fundamental problem, even if the solution isn't what you thought you wanted, can unlock enormous value. What's more, in every field and industry, there are countless …

The New Era of Innovation & Disruption

The pace of digital innovation and technology disruption is set on warp speed. We live in an era where technology is evolving faster than businesses can adapt. A disruptive technology is defined as, one that displaces an established technology and shakes up the 
industry or a ground-breaking product that creates a completely new industry.

"The pace of technology disruption and change right now is the absolute  slowest it will be for the rest of your life" 
We are living in an extraordinary time. During the Digital Era of the past 30 years, every industry has become social, mobile, and global. Every industry is becoming smart and connected, and companies that do not adapt are rapidly falling behind.
We have yet to realize just how rapid and profound the current digital revolution is. The scale and impact of the implications for consumers and businesses is both exhilarating and daunting. Disruptive technologies and new business models are creating change and transforming the econom…

Blockchain is set to disrupt retail marketing

"blockchain’s ability to protect data blocks and move them anonymously would help with personalization while giving the user control over how much is shared." 
Blockchain, the underlying ledger technology behind bitcoin, landed on numerous prediction lists as one of retail’s transformative technologies for 2018. While many focused on blockchain’s potential use in the supply chain, a newer focus is on marketing.
A method of recording, safely storing and tracking complex digital transactions, blockchain’s major advantage is that, once a record is made, it cannot be altered. Microchips utilizing blockchain can help manage product safety, authenticity and ethical standards across an item’s history.

“Blockchain can help retailers garner greater trust and brand loyalty throughout the product lifecycle, as it can tell consumers not just where an item was made, but also who it was made by, the conditions they worked in and how much they were paid,” wrote Kati Chitrakorn for Business of …

A.I., V.R., Blockchain: How to Invest in Hot Tech Trends

A guide to the five life stages of disruptive technologies,  from “early disruption” to “real application.”
Investors know there are riches awaiting those who jump on hot trends like artificial intelligence, virtual reality, or blockchain at the right time, in the right way. But that’s easier said than done. 
HSBC thematic strategist Davey Jose is looking at such disruptive technologies based on where they are in their cycle and what that means for investors, using what HSBC calls a “disruption cycle indicator.”
Jose and his team identify five different stages disruptive technologies go through, as well as the metrics and indicators that can signal each cycle, so investors can ride the hottest trends without getting burned.
“Early disruption” is characterized by a disruptive technology garnering funding from venture capitalists and angel investors. The “hype mania” phase is when the media is abuzz about a relatively young technology, Google trend searches spike, and stocks associated with …